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Welcome to legion_icons! - Legion (2010) icon & graphics community
Welcome to legion_icons!
Welcome! I'm Ricardo, creater and sole maintainer of legion_icons. I watched the film just recently and fell in love, and for lack of finding any other community for it recently, I've made this one. They're on the user info, but I'll go ahead and post the rules again here.

1. Be polite- this has to be the most important rule.
2. Don't spam.
3. If fake cuts lead to your own journal entry, then I don't mind them, but keep it on livejournal.
4. Follow the rules each user specifies for their icons & graphics.
5. Also, please, make sure that if you post icons on here, the post stays open- do not close it after so many days. I want all icons accessible to whoever may come.

So that's all I've got for the time. Enjoy, y'all, and I hope I have some members soon. I'll post some icons in a bit.

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